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After project delivery, as part of our maintenance services, we regularly conduct performance testing to identify and optimize for bottlenecks. If you require, we are always willing to offer ongoing maintenance and support services for all solutions we develop. We understand that software requires consistent maintenance and updates to ensure it continues to function optimally and meet the changing needs of the business.

travel and hospitality software

You tell us what you need and get the vetted and verified resources with the best and brightest talents. Therefore, they prefer to have specialized software designed for the needs and demands of their business. It helps to attract target audience, increase travel and hospitality software business growth, offers client’s data in real-time and quick access to information. Moreover, contactless payments not only add more convenience to their consumers. This technology trend also allows customers to track the behavior of their consumers.

Travel and Hospitality Software

Our technology specialists have strong domain knowledge and hands-on experience in developing scalable and efficient solutions which help enhance your hospitality and travel business. Enhance your guests’ staying pleasure by getting real insights into their booking data with Hospitality Management Software. We are here to develop Cloud-based efficient and flexible software to manage bookings and analyze reservations in real time. We provide omnichannel hotel reservation solutions that give you the ease of finding properties and booking the same. The professional diligence of our Travel and Hospitality developers assists you to create an enhanced UI/UX of the reservation software.

  • Сan implement IT solutions to streamline operations and manage tourism activities effectively, while generating more revenue.
  • As a Sabre Authorized Developer, we offer custom travel, airline and hospitality software development solutions for travel & hospitality companies.
  • Their team of highly-talented, cross-functional software engineers and architects helps us meet development timelines quickly and reliably.
  • At this stage we use various strategic practices, such as lean canvas, to launch a travel and hospitality app that will bring you real value.

Although, finding out-of-the-box software that fits into your casino workflow is hard, But, you can opt for a solution with customization support. Rely on our travel and Hospitality sector IT solutions expertise to develop integrated Travel Distribution Software. Get a global overview of the hotel rooms, airlines, and other data coming from the global travel organizations to streamline your services.


Technology has rapidly face-lifted the landscape of tourism and introduced a diverse array of benefits to the travel and hospitality businesses. To promote customer experience and make precise suggestions – businesses can leverage AI and ML technologies to build the algorithm-based solution model. Our industry experts specialize in building an intuitive architecture to integrate with Global Distribution System (GDS) APIs that allows customers to access a long list of hotels, tours, flights, etc.

For example, airlines now allow travelers to book flights, access boarding passes, check flight status, and more through these apps. Developers at Ivan Infotech create cage management systems equipped with inventory management modules. Our team also includes sophisticated surveillance capabilities with top-notch IT security solutions with unified platforms.

Deliver data-driven connected experiences.

You have a startup idea, and you’re in the process of turning it into a viable product? We assist you in developing an MVP focusing on the most vital features to verify your app idea, accelerate the time to market, and get user feedback early on. Over time, you can gradually add additional features, not wasting money on unnecessary ones. Like many other types of software, travel agency systems are usually offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), meaning it’s accessible through a web browser. These typically involve fewer upfront costs than traditional on-premise deployments.

travel and hospitality software

It will typically take 4-6 months to develop an MVP for your tourist software app. Both tourists and tourist businesses need your app to be user-friendly and attractive. We provide all these services as per your project requirements and whatever you demanded for. Allow multiple filtering options and direct search options to enhance user experience with convenient and quick options to find hotels, flights, trips, and more. Working in close collaboration with the client on and off-site, we developed a single Android app with pre-set designs for each suite type. In a fluid, eye-pleasing, and uncluttered design, the guests can control air conditioning, light, windows, media centers, and TV.

Custom software development for travel and hospitality

From managing direct booking to payment processing, from marketing to third-party site integration- you can perform all crucial tasks with such software. Any business that processes and transmits sensitive information, such as customers` credit card information, is highly recommended or even mandatory to have Data Security Standards. Due to this, we are continuously working on several projects that require PCI Compliance implementation among our custom travel solutions. We acknowledged how important it is to offer our own expertise in cybersecurity and we decided that an essential next step was to train our own experts. Over 18 years of industry know-how for your serviceBased on our 18 years of experience in travel software and hospitality solutions we worked closely with our customers to understand their needs.

The advent of technology has transformed the way people plan their travel today. Due to increasing competition, travel companies are finding it hard to survive and get success in the market. The rising demand among customers for exceptional travel experiences, high-value services and instant support is putting an additional burden on hospitality sector companies. In such times, leveraging advanced travel and leisure software solutions is an ideal option.

Melco Resorts & Entertainment Enhances Guest Experience on AWS

Our hospitality software solutions include cutting edgerestaurant solutions for the FnB industry, empowering you to optimize front-of-house and back-of-house operations and ensure enhanced diner experiences. Park and recreation software streamlines and integrates all complex and time-intensive community management tasks into an easy-to-use program for your business. Such a system comprises various modules to provide 360-degree control over the park and recreation center you run. It simplifies the complexity of tasks like ticketing, volunteer management, marketing and more, Integrates it with systems like CRM for better customer interactions. Key benefits offered by such a tool include higher staff efficiency, cost savings and less human errors during administration tasks.

Our travel & hospitality development experts deploy custom CRM solutions for hotels to track customer lifecycle, loyalty programs, workflow management, data analysis, guest feedback, and more. We achieve this by following a truly agile approach when providing our travel/hospitality software development services for your business success. We offer online hospitality software portals for tenant and guest services inclusive of activities scheduling, maintenance requests, payment functionalities as well as fully managed business centre kiosks. The services have metered time-specific utilization as well as in-room WiFi access management to enhance guest stays. We provide comprehensive Casino Management System (CMS) solutions that ensure revenue management, compliance and regulatory reporting.

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The number of benefits of travel and hospitality software may be truly impressive. NDC or New Distribution Capability is a concept for which AROBS is fully onboard, working on global sized projects already. It is sees as the most inportant global standard for the Travel software and hospitality solutions industry. We gathered years of experience in working with top stakeholders in the industry.

Supplier Connectivity with Tour Operators & Travel Agents

Technology trends in the travel industry can help businesses to streamline and automate their processes. These solutions can also help businesses to cut costs, reduce staffing, and increase income. Moreover, trends in tourism and hospitality industry can lead to better financial results. Recently, it has become essential for organizations to manage their workflow and ensure that the entire team is working efficiently.

Our key Clients for Travel and Hospitality Testing Services Include

Ivan’s developers create digital solutions for recreation/activities with tailored back-end interfaces and online registration options. Our team is adept at creating firmware for kiosks with multi-purpose features including detailed maps for site layout/camping location options as well as responsive user interfaces and more. Casino management software is a comprehensive solution that helps you manage daily operational and financial tasks at a casino facility.